Improved Infrastructure

Enhancement of our neighborhoods with safe, well-maintained roads, pipes, and electrical lines that produce reliable and expedient services.

The Imperial Hardware Lofts project, shown Jan. 4, is under construction in downtown Riverside. The project is one of several that will add housing in the neighborhood.

Responsible Development

Allowing for future growth while maintaining the ward's unique character and history to make Ward 1 a better place to live, work, and play for generations of Riversiders.


Enhanced Quality of Life

Involvement with neighborhoods, residents, and local law enforcement to ensure Ward 1 is a safe and enjoyable place for children, adults, and seniors.

Message from Philip

Welcome to our campaign website! Join us on the journey to the Riverside City Council election on June 4, 2019.

Riverside's first ward is an area of rich diversity; from college students, to new families, single adults, married couples, and seniors we are a ward that exhibits all of Riverside's strongest qualities. We must ask ourselves "What are the goals we seek to accomplish in Ward 1?". Under my leadership, preservation of our unique assets along with development that leads to job growth will be of great importance. People from all over the State of California, and our country, come to Riverside to witness the architectural beauty that lies in our Downtown core and various historic neighborhoods throughout the ward.  Alongside the need to preserve, we as Ward 1 residents must progress to meet the needs of our ever-changing and growing population with good jobs that promote local investment. Riverside’s first ward is a destination with a proud history that deserves a more promising future and a visionary leader to partner with the community to achieve the goals we all hold most dear. Let us join together in the building of a stronger Ward 1 for our children and grandchildren. Together we can create a better future.



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