Question: How do I vote in this off-year election?

Answer: Ballots are mailed to all registered voters the first week of May. Voters complete their ballot, seal the ballot envelope and return the sealed ballot to City Hall, the Registrar of Voters Office, or drop it in the mail before the June 4th deadline. 

Question: What are the boundaries of Ward 1?

Answer: Ward 1 covers the northwestern corner of the City of Riverside. Neighborhoods found in Ward 1 are the Northside, Hunter Industrial Park, Downtown, the Wood Streets, and parts of the Grand and University neighborhoods.

Question: How do I get involved with the campaign?

Answer: We need volunteers to canvas the neighborhoods of Ward 1! Email to signup to volunteer. We are also actively seeking donations, planning events, and meeting with various community members for campaign endorsements. Join our team today!

Question: How do I make a donation to the campaign?

Answer: Checks can be made payable to "Philip Falcone for Ward 1". All donors that give over $99.00 will automatically be added to our "endorsements" list.

Question: If I do not live in Ward 1 can I still vote for you?

Answer: Unfortunately, only residents of Ward 1 can vote in the Ward 1 election. If you do not live in Ward 1, reach out to friends and family that live in the ward and encourage them to vote Falcone!

Question: When is the Ward 1 election?

Answer: Elections for the Riverside City Council in Wards 1, 3, 5, and 7 are on June 4, 2019. The election is done by mail-in ballot only, so be sure to complete your ballot early!